Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux

Questions: Are there any foods that help Acid Reflux?

Answer: Researchers have been unable to determine why certain people get acid reflux. Certain foods have been shown to ease acid reflux while others have been shown to increase acid.

Pineapple and Papaya – Enzymes help break down proteins to aid in digestion.
Iodized salt – Low iodine causes the thyroid to slow which increases the acid in the stomach.
Water – Water dilutes acid in your system.
Apple – Decreases acid in the stomach.
Ginger – Absorbs acid and calms the nerves.
Apple Cider Vinegar – Contains enzymes that prevent acid reflux.
Probiotics – Brings the digestive system back into balance.

Spicy food – Spices irritate the esophageal sphincter muscle(LES).
Trans/High fat foods – High fat foods are digested more slowly and require more acid to digest.
Mint & chocolate – Stimulate the production of acid and relax the LES.
Tomato/Citrus fruit – Very acidic which adds acid to the stomach.
Alcohol, coffee, tea & carbonated beverages – irritates the lining of the stomach.

It is estimated that 33% of Americans suffer from Acid Reflux. Each person has their own trigger foods. When acid reflux occurs keep track of the foods eaten and make a list of foods to avoid.